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Leased Line Comparison

With Leased Line Providers, you can compare leased line providers throughout the UK. No longer do you have to source individual companies for the best possible leased line prices, our leased line comparison tool does just it all for you. All you need to do is provide some key information in the form above and we will sent you the best leased line quote in a matter of minutes.

Which companies are compared?

We compare the major leased line companies, such as BT, Virgin, Colt and Talk Talk. We get wholesales rates that allow us to pass on the savings to you. Not only do these companies have their own networks, but they also have hundreds of thousands of buildings on-net. This means that leased line pricing will be significantly cheaper that off-net.

Why isn’t a leased line comparison immediate?

Although you may find some sites offer an immediate quote, not all leased line companies provide their pricing via a tool, and therefore we are unable to get this automatically. In order to get a true reflection of the leased line market, there is a manual element. You could get a handful of leased line prices immediately or wait a few minutes to get much more.

Who will provide us the leased line?

Leased Line Providers is the marketing brand of OptaNet Ltd. OptaNet are a leased line specialist who deliver circuits around the world and are trusted to install and support them for companies such as Microsoft, Telefonica, Valve Corporation, Telecom Plus and many others. Their 100% uptime SLA and excellent support services makes them a natural delivery partner.

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Our leased line comparison gets you the best price from the following providers.

Leased line comparison - BT
Leased line comparison - Vodafone
Leased line comparison - Virgin Media Business
Leased line comparison - Colt
Leased line comparison - SSE Telecoms
Leased line comparison - Expo-e
Leased line comparison - Level 3
Leased line comparison - Metronet UK
Leased line comparison - Zen
Leased line comparison - Talk Talk
Leased line comparison - Kcom
Leased line comparison - Entanet
A selection of our happy leased line clients
A selection of our happy leased line clients
A small selection of our happy leased line clients.