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Leased Line Prices

Leased Line Providers was set up to cut through all the confusion regarding leased line prices. With so many providers, aggregators and re-sellers out there, how do you know you’re getting the best leased line price?

The difference in leased line prices

Leased line prices price can vary significantly if your premises is considered to be on-net. On-net means that a provider already has infrastructure in place or has provided a service to a business at that location in the past. This can dramatically reduce installation times and costs. But how do you know if your building is on-net? How do you know who it is on-net with?

Get all the leased line prices

We do all the leg work for you. Whether it’s on-net or not, we will provide you the best possible price. There’s no obligation to purchase and the quote is valid for 30 days. If you then want to contact that provider directly, we encourage it. We are so confident about our prices. If somehow you do find that product cheaper elsewhere, we can activate our Price Match Option. We are often able to match or beat any legitimate leased line price on receipt of the competitor quotation.

One-off leased line prices

The monthly cost is something to consider, but you also need to take into account leased line installation prices. Typically, leased lines are free to install if you choose a contract term of 36 or 60 months as equipment costs are amortised over the contract term. However, you will need to pay between £1000 and £2500 upfront if you choose a 12 month option.

Leased line prices - leased line pricing

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Here are a few recent leased line prices.

20Mbps leased line prices

20/100 Mbit/s
FREE install
FREE Cisco router
36 month term

30Mbps Leased line prices

30/100 Mbit/s
FREE install
FREE Cisco router
36 month term

100Mbps leased line prices

100/1000 Mbit/s
£350 install
FREE Cisco router
12 month term

We get the best leased line prices from the major leased line providers

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Leased line comparison - Virgin Media Business
Leased line comparison - Colt
Leased line comparison - SSE Telecoms
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Leased line comparison - Zen
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Leased line comparison - Entanet
A selection of our happy leased line clients
A selection of our happy leased line clients
A small selection of our happy leased line clients.