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Leased Line Quote

If you’re looking for a leased line quote, you can either search the multitude of leased line providers across the UK, or you can use the form on this page to get the best leased line quote in a matter of minutes. We search all the major UK leased line providers so we can see if your building is on-net or not, and how much various bandwidths cost.

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Once we know your business location and your bandwidth requirement, we will email you with the best leased line price we find. You are under no obligation to purchase from us.

Who is the leased line quote from?

You will receive a quote from Leased Line Providers who get wholesale rates from all the leading leased line network companies. If you are happy with the price we will pass you over to OptaNet Ltd who will get the circuit installed and manage the service from then on. They are an award winning ISP with 100% uptime SLAs and a client list that boasts Microsoft, Vodafone and Telefonica. You’re in safe hands.

What is an example quote?

It is not possible to provide a quote until we have the information in the form above. Prices differ depending on your location and your bandwidth requirements.

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You get the best leased line quote from us when we compare the following providers.

Leased line quote - BT
Leased line quote - Vodafone
Leased line quote - Virgin Media Business
Leased line quote - Colt
Leased line quote - SSE Telecoms
Leased line quote - Expo-e
Leased line quote - Level 3
Leased line quote - Metronet UK
Leased line quote - Zen
Leased line quote - Talk Talk
Leased line quote - Kcom
Leased line quote - Entanet
A selection of our happy leased line clients
A selection of our happy leased line clients
A small selection of our happy leased line clients.