What is a leased line and why do you need one?

If you are unsure of what a leased line is, this page should help answer your questions.

What is a leased line?

So just what is a leased line? Put simply, it is a link between two sites. This could be between two or more offices, or an office and an exchange. It is always on, unlike traditional phone services and can be used for more than just an internet connection.

What is a leased line used for?

Leased lines can be used for a number of different purposes. The most obvious would be to deliver internet services to premises but it can also be used to link computers and servers between different office locations.

Leased lines are seen as the pinnacle of internet services and their reliability has lead to a multitude of other services using them. As well as internet, you can also use them for your phone calls and building security using IP surveillance.

What is a leased line going to provide?

  • Uncontended bandwidth – meaning that circuit is all yours
  • Symmetrical bandwidth – the same upload and download speeds
  • Excellent service levels – you get your own account manager
  • Fast fix resolution times – fixes take place within a few hours

What is a leased line going to cost?

Costs vary for leased lines depending on a number of factors they include:

  • Bandwidth requirement – just how much bandwidth you require will alter the cost
  • Your location – is your building currently on-net (and easy to connect) and are you a considerable distance from an exchange?
  • Contract location – how long you have the circuit for. This is usually either 12 months, 36 months or 60 months.
  • Installation fees – there may be installation fees with contracts taken our for 12 months and this covers the equipment costs
  • Excess construction charges – if any works are required to deliver the leased line to your building, there might be a cost involved.


What is a leased line survey?

A survey takes place once and order has been placed. The leased line survey is done to understand how to get the leased line into your building and terminating where you want it to end. This could be in a comms room for larger buildings, or into your own premises. An engineer will perform this survey and then write up the notes.

One of the key element to this is to make sure there aren’t any excess construction charges (ECCs) to bring the circuit into your building. This might involve digging up a road or pavement in order to get the cable to you. Councils will need to be involved. If a Virgin circuit needs ECCs, a BT circuit might not and vice versa. For that reason it’s always best to check all leased line providers with us.

What is a leased line used for?

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 BroadbandEthernet Leased Line
Uptime SLANone100% uptime
Maximum bandwidth80 Mbit/s down and 20 Mbit/s up10Gbit/s down and up
Guaranteed bandwidthNoYes
SynchronousNo. Larger download than uploadYes. Same download as upload
Bandwidth flexibilityNoYes. Increase when you need to.
Installation timeapprox 14 days60 days (depending on survey results)
Installation costsapprox £100Free on 36 and 60 month terms
Monthly priceBetween £20 and £50 a monthFrom £199 month for 30Mbps
Contract term12 or 24 months12, 36, 60 months

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A selection of our happy leased line clients
A selection of our happy leased line clients
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